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Serving  pure, safe and healthy drinking mineral water!

About Us

Water is an important ingredient required by our bodies. We are made of 70% of water. When water plays such an important role in our lives it is important that we drink pure and fresh water. We, at Kanahaiya Enterprises, understand the importance of pure water for the body and that's why we have entered into the market. We are manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of Mineral Water available in 500 ml, 250 ml, 1 Ltr Water Bottles and Water Dispenser Jars. We work in a very cohesive and dedicated fashion keeping Consumer At The Heart Of Our Business.


We have a dedicated team of professionals working tirelessly round the clock to ensure that our production gets completed on time. Our team works in a very cooperative manner and ensures that no hassle comes during the work. Even if some challenges arrive we take them with full competency and resolve the problem with the help of our dedicated and skilled teammates. Moreover, we believe in the power of communication and it has helped us resolve any business challenges that we have faced. It has also helped us to brainstorm ideas as well as come to customized solutions.

Infrastructure And Customer Satisfaction

Our state of the art infrastructure helps us to produce goods in a much more rapid and effective manner. We have proper sanitation facilities and electricity facilities which are installed at proper places which helps our employees in their ease of working. Moreover, we have different departments such as manufacturing, quality testing and control, packaging and inventory which have different roles and we work in a very planned and communicative manner to meet our requirements. We have ensured that we keep our customers happy and we have achieved this by ensuring that we make and deliver high-quality water at affordable prices. Some of our other noteworthy points which has helped us stand tall in the market are:
  • We have delivered premium water at affordable prices
  • We avoid malpractices at all costs.
  • We accept all modes of payment to ease our payment gateway for our clients.